Two Meteor Craters In India Delhiites Must Check Out Before They Die!

Where | Ramgarh, Rajasthan; Lonar, Maharashtra

Don’t think twice!! And book your midnight train to Rajasthan or Maharashtra RN people! Ramgarh in Rajashtan and Lonar in Maharashtra are home to two majestic meteor craters! A lonely yet picturesque scenery, both the craters are a treat to the sore eye. Spanning across a whopping 3.5 km long diameter and 6 km long perimeter respectively, the craters are an absolute beaut and a #cringemax moment for all who didn’t know about these places!

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Even with its desert surroundings and a low-key, high baritone heritage – the place offers something to all! The high baritone heritage is suggestive of the folk songs that you hear in the evening while travelling through Ramgarh. And the desert surrounding is perfect for those flitting moments of chilly air whooshing across the surface of the crater.

And the Lonar Meteor Crater has a beautiful and peaceful 6 km long trek that may seem quite a stretch now, but its refreshing! And considering the smog in Delhi, it seems like a fitting destination getaway! You can witness amazing migratory birds here singing their own songs. And if you’re and not afraid of the dark, you might just get the chance to camp out here!

So, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets and check out these two magnificent beauties!

Cover Image Courtesy | Vishakha Shah

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