5 Places You Can Volunteer This Diwali To Light Up Someone’s Life

Volunteer This Diwali

Every year Diwali comes and to some it brings joy and to others, it brings pain. To many who wish to volunteer this Diwali please read on. Below is a list of a few things that you could do this Diwali and actually contribute to the myth of good’s triumph over evil. Because let us face it it doesn’t matter how many crackers we burst, it doesn’t matter how much money we win in a game of poker with friends and family. Nothing ever seems to make us understand that every so-called joyous moment for us may bring pain and suffering to many others.

Well, we at DforDelhi, hope that this Diwali every one can take a solemn vow to help those who need help, put a smile on those who cry for some food every day and burst fewer crackers to help those poor souls whose ears can’t take it.

Volunteer this Diwali at these places:

I. Friendicoes – Be A Friend To The Homeless Pets Of The City

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One of the biggest issues with having dogs in the city, especially on Diwali, is that their ears are far too sensitive for the ear-splitting noise that crackers cause. Not many know of this and those who do, still continue to burst crackers just for the heck of it.

Friendicoes is a shelter home cum adoption centre that helps hit & run and abandoned pets that need a home and healthcare assistance. The not-for-profit organization runs mainly from a hole in the wall shelter home near Defence Colony flyover, and here is how you can help them:

  • The organization helps in providing a home and healthcare to the many friendless animals of our city. They accept donations in monetary terms, food and warm clothes for the poor souls.
  • Volunteers can go help the organization in person by taking the pets for a walk around the park directly behind their offices and enjoy some quality time with pets who only asked for a sympathetic hand to help them.
  • The organization also allows adoption of various pets under their wing that are either too weak or desperately in need of a home.
  • So, have a heart. Elect not to burst crackers this Diwali and show some love to these poor souls.

For More Information: Click Here

II. Do Nice Shit – Make A Difference

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Do Nice Shit is a relatively new entity started by two long-term friends who wished to make a difference in the city of thousands of nameless people who don’t even get two square meals a day or a decent education. Studies show that over 33,000 people have died on the streets of Delhi since 2004.

  • Do Nice Shit aims to help these nameless figures who live out their lives living under the open sky without even a sympathetic look from those of us who live in the safety of our gated colonies.
  • They recently launched their new initiative ‘Books By The Gram’ wherein people can donate their old books and notebooks for those who need it more than us. The proceeds of this initiative will go to a government school the organization recently got in touch with.
  • The organization also hosts events aimed at taking kids from slums for a picnic in various open parks of Delhi.
  • So, shed some light into the lives of children this Diwali and volunteer.

For More Information: Click Here

III. Udayan Care – Empathy, Education, Empowerment

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There are numerous volunteer opportunities available. The key is to find a volunteer position that you would enjoy and are capable of doing. It’s also important to make sure that your commitment matches the organization’s needs. Udayan Care helps in getting aspiring volunteers the best opportunities to help the underprivileged children of the city. Census data shows that 3 out of 5 children are malnourished and 4 out of 5 under the age of 3 are anaemic.

  • Established as a Public Charitable Trust in 1994, Udayan Care works towards giving a better education and standard of living to the underprivileged children of Delhi. The organization constantly requires volunteers that have the drive to help make the lives of countless children better.
  • The organization also hosts events and programs aimed at creating a more secure life for the girl child. With an experience of over 20 years Udayan Care is possibly one of the best organizations for volunteers who wish to work towards securing a better future for the underprivileged girls of the city.
  • So, volunteer with Udayan Care and make this Diwali the one you will remember for the rest of your life.

For More Information: Click Here

IV. Help Age India – Fighting Isolation, Poverty, Neglect

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In a country of rapidly increasing elderly population and subsequent growing concerns to ensure that their later years are lived with economic & social security and dignity, HelpAge runs various programs.

In the last few years the main focus of the organisation have been the destitute rural elders and ensuring that they are protected through its various services in the areas of financial, health and emotional security. But now there is a growing need to focus on the disadvantaged urban elder as well. So, in light of this HelpAge aims to cover the following milestones along with its volunteers both young and old.

  • Livelihood security for two million elderly through institutions focused on the needs
  • A National movement of elders that gives them a voice and  political constituency
  • Age appropriate services to 12 million elderly in partnership with government, private sector and civil society
  • So, have a heart and help those who helped us in our childhood days this Diwali, directly or indirectly.

For More Information: Click Here

V. Help And Show Some Respect To Those Working For Us

And finally, remember the orders we all placed on Amazon, Flipkart and other online shopping sites? Well here is the good news: all the products will be delivered on or before Diwali. But here is the sad news: the people delivering those packages have homes too, and they can’t be with them.

  • So, while it is all good to say that by ordering more we are indirectly helping them, consider this! Diwali is on and your Boss calls to dump some new assignment on you that needs to be closed asap.  How would you feel sitting behind your laptop working while the rest of the world celebrates another day of fun?
  • Take a moment to notice them and offer them something to drink or eat. Show them the dignity they deserve and let them know that you are happy with your well timed gifts. Especially on a day everyone wants to be home with their loved ones.

Happy Holidays From The DforDelhi Team!

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