A Wacky New Rooftop Cafe Is Opening In South Ext And It’s Insane AF!

Where | F-39, South Extension-1

This new place we discovered is so infectious dude. You can literally feel every quiver of its beating heart from the moment you step in! And get this – the place not just offers a rooftop seating area but it also has a first floor where all the booze flows faster than you can say “Ek Aur Ho Jaye?”

Da Code in South Extension-1 is a brilliant new cafe with luxurious feels! And the most infectious space in the entire restaurant is its roof! With easy chairs, chilly air flowing day and night and an architectural beauty that you can’t stop gaping at.

And it doesn’t even end there. Their floor space planning has been so tastefully curated that they even have two huge af┬álamps! Check it out and start jumping on your beds yo!

A total beaut, isn’t it? With woody feels and easy chairs to relax in, the cafe even has a roof hanging that expands your mind’s horizon! The view is so pretty that you might even find the moon directly above you, through the glass roof!

Now, you might feel like that this place is a little over your budget! But get this! Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how much you end up paying as long as you have a good time! And trust us when we tell you that this place will never let you go back home with a frown.

So, check out the place today and lose your mind to its ambience! It’s beyond amazing, it’s better than anything we’ve seen in a long time!

Pictures’ Courtesy | Da Code


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