There’s A New Bento Box In Town! ‘Wok’ In & Bite Into It.

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Not that long ago, ‘wok to walk’ the huge fast-food chain made its way to India and won everyone’s heart with its super customizable wok fried meals. Today, we have 5 outlets in Delhi-Gurgaon and we are absolutely loving it. It never gets old because there are so many options and so many combinations you can make and try! Isn’t that the best part? Not even close! They have been introducing new things to the menu with time like the dumplings, and new sauces to match Indian taste pallets, but the recent introduction is just so crazy amazing that we can’t stop talking about it. Wok to Walk now has a bento box!

What To Expect At Wok To Walk?

Well, you can expect nothing but the best! The wok meals are so amazing that we always end up craving for more, but as we know it, one meal is so satisfying that we cant try multiple things in one visit! You choose a base between noodles, grains, and vegetable mixes, add your favorites like shrimp, bacon, zucchini, chicken {and more}, top it off with fried onion, jalapeños and more, and finally, add your preferred sauces {you get 8 to choose from}. Imagine the number of combination meals you could make!

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What You’ll Love At Wok To Walk?

Everything. To be honest! But here’s the thing, they’ve recently introduced the bento box and we are going crazy. Do you know what this means? It means you get to try multiple things from their menu in one go. A bento box is generally an Asian meal box where there are different courses of the meal packed into one box. The bento box from wok to walk contains a noodle wok meal, dumplings, a hazelnut brownie, and homemade lemonade. It is Fiery asf!

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Bottom Line

The bottom line is that you need to order this today and try it. We haven’t stopped talking about it since we first tasted it. That’s how fiery amazing it is.

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