You Only Need INR 1000 To Find Peace And Good Vibes In Almora!

On a nocturnal mountain path, illuminated by the shimmering of a million stars is a cottage called The Green Garden in Almora. The beauty of the place gets better with its beautiful surroundings – mostly the green expanse and the Himalayas in front! With a chic little balcony overlooking the heavenly view outside, the cottage is the perfect family or friends’ getaway. And it’s not the poor connectivity or sheer beauty of the mountains that makes this place so special. But the people around, the privacy of the cottage & every reason to slurp on a couple of plates of hot maggi.

30 Second Window:

  • And yes, it’s true that you can rent the entire cottage for yourself – the owner lives down the alley a couple of houses later. Which makes the entire trip all the better since your privacy concerns vanish in a jiffy!
  • Want a facelift from this blazing heat & equally bad humidity after the rain? The Green Garden is a peaceful place with 2 beds, 1 bathroom, a kitchen and thank God, accommodates 4 people! In the kitchen, you can make some hot Maggi or just drop by the nearby stores for hot food.
  • But how do I get there, you ask? Drive from Almora city toward Papersali and get down at the stores near Kasar Devi Road. The warm cottage is 7 minutes (walk down a hill) from Kasar Devi Road. But that is no problem considering every room is equipped with a fireplace!
  • You think we’re done gloating about this place? The main room has a balcony overlooking the mountains and the second room overlooks a sweet little garden! We’re not asking you to tend to the flowers. But you can get yourself clicked with them. The beauty of Himalayan flowers is beyond imagination!
  • You can go on daily hill treks from the cottage. In fact, the owner of the cottage – Harish offers to take guests for a trek if they wish to! He’s always up for a hill climbing adventure and is willing to go every day if your feet allow it.
  • Ps. the hike will take you far and wide, so it is safe to say that you’ll be enchanted by the Himalayan glaciers and mountain tops! The snow covered peaks largely cover most of your sight, as you keep looking for a wider view of the hilltops beyond.
  • By the way, did we tell you the cottage also offers a hammock? Yep, it may be very modest from the inside but offers things that you cannot find here in Delhi. Further, it also offers a terrace for you to enjoy the view from while sipping on chai! Can’t get enough of that wanderlust? Head here soon!

DforDelhi Recommends:

  • That you plan ahead and mark those calendars for the upcoming long weekend and head here for a quick getaway!

You can book yourself the cottage here.

Location | Almora, Uttarakhand

Cost Per Night | INR 838

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