You Will Never Visit Jama Masjid After Hogging On Kebabs At Namak Mandi!

You Will Never Visit Jama Masjid After Hogging On Kebabs At Namak Mandi!

For all the real foodies out there, if you haven’t been to Namak Mandi then you haven’t lived at all! This newly opened place owned by Qureshi Brothers in DLF Promenade mall is a bomb and you just cannot afford to miss out on this place. Owned by two young men – Mayank Singh and Ahsan Qureshi who wanted to carry forward the legacy of Padmashree chef Imtiaz Qureshi, this place has reached the peak of excellence in just 11 days! If you really want to indulge into the authentic Indian food flavours, then this is the perfect place for you. The decor is just absolutely smashing and to enjoy the weather you can even dine with your friends and family outside in the balcony where there are outdoor seating arrangements for you.

30 Second Window:

  • The first thing that we ordered there was the superb chilled drinks. The soda shikanji sparkled with club soda is perfect for a hot sunny day. But, if you want to enjoy something that is not as mainstream as a glass of soda, then go for the Thandai. You can order the Thandai in several natural flavours like Cardamom, Almonds and Saffron. How cool is that now, eh? Also, not to forget about the amazing Jaljeera which will remind you of the home made Jaljeera drink. Three tempting flavours are available in Jaljeera which are raw mango, cumin and mint. These drinks were just out of this world!
  • For starters, we ordered the Dahi Kandhari Kebab, Khazane Nisha, Charsi Tikka and two plates of Galouti Kebabs that were each veg and non veg. We bet that you won’t be able to stop hogging on these delicious Kebabs, just like us. As the name suggests, the Charsi Tikka is to be eaten with caution because it’s super addictive! You will want to run back to Namak Mandi every now and then just to grab a bite of this Charsi Tikka dish. Khazane Nisha was literally drool worthy. The chicken and lamb parceled in the skin of roasted country chicken made us fall in love with the dish instantly.
  • Even tho the starters were just too good, how can we forget all about the main course? We ordered the Mandi Ki Dal, Mutton Burrah, Gosht Nahari and the Murgh Handi Lazeez. Oh man, was it good? It was mind blowing! There is no way that we didn’t end up licking our own fingers. Accompanied by the Warqi Parantha, Hazari Parantha and the huge AF Khurmee Naan, our meal just couldn’t get any better.
  • No meal is ever complete without a good dessert. No matter how full you are you always have room for desserts especially when it’s something as good as Narangi Kulfi, Jaan E Azam and Kesar Malai Phirni! The Narangi Kulfi is served inside the shell of a orange and it is just beyond perfect! Jaan E Azam is a traditional Indian bread pudding that will just blow your mind. Not to miss out on the brilliant Phirni which had a perfect flavour balance. We bet you can’t find anything like this in Delhi.

DforDelhi Recommends:

  • That you forget everything else and rush toward Namak Mandi. Yes, you can thank us later.
  • Also, don’t forget to try the Biryani served over here. This place claims to make the best Biryani ever! After all, who can say no to a plate full of delicious Biryani?

Location | DLF Promenade Mall

Nearest Metro Station | Chattarpur Metro Station

Photo Courtesy | DFD Photography

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