10 Things To Do In Delhi That Make It The Best Metro City!!

Delhi might be teeming with bars and cafes, but there’s so much more to do here!! And if you’re new in town then this list is the best you’ve found that isn’t about parties. In fact, if you love adventure sports, reading books and can’t resist a sound and light show, read this list well!

I. Indian Mountaineering Foundation

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Where | Moti Bagh

Website | http://bit.ly/2yrplvG

If you love adventure sports and can’t resist beating the heat a little bit of ‘real’ exercise, this is for you!! Indian Mountaineering Foundation was founded in 1957. These guys provide a large base for expeditions for mountaineering, rock climbing, trekking at high altitudes among other things. They even host tons of events every week.

II. Book Cafes

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Where | Cha Bar, Cafe Turtle, Ivy & Bean

If books are your bae then these cafes in town are your love life! You can sit down with a book, hog on food that are too tasty for you to ignore. And a well-maintained row of shelves of books that you can pick up and keep reading as the day goes by.

III. Grand Glimpse Of Constellation at Nehru Planetarium

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Where | Teen Murti House

Website | https://nehruplanetarium.org/

A popular memory of every Delhiite from his/her childhood – the Nehru Planetarium is a bomb place! If you love looking at stars and don’t mind the cinematic beauty that the planetarium, you must visit this place.

IV. Sound and Light Show

Where | Red Fort, Akshardham Temple

Website | Delhi Tourism

Besides the amazing architecture and the history involved, Red Fort hosts a special Sound and Light show! In fact, Akshardham Temple also hosts a daily light and sound show against the beautiful blanket of stars.

V. High Street Fashion Hauls

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Where | Shahpur Jat

Shahpur Jat is one of the best places in town for the craziest fashion haul you can ever have in Delhi!! In fact, some of the best, most trending fashion and young designers have their storefront properties here!

VI. Qawwali Nights At Nizamuddin Dargah

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Where | Boali Gate Rd, Opp The Lodhi

One of Delhi’s most iconic and loved things has got to be the Qawwali nights they host. In fact, the entire affair is such a beautiful and magical thing that it’s hard to think of going anywhere else but here!

VII. An Evening At India Gate

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Where | Rajpath Marg

India Gate is a beautiful affair especially in the evening with the sun slowly setting on the horizon. You can take a quiet walk around the park surrounding the India Gate or even indulge in a short boat ride! Besides. if you’re lucky, you might just find vendors selling popcorn and cotton candy!

VIII. Dilli Haat

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Where | Kidwai Nagar West

In essence, this joint venture project of Delhi Tourism and the New Delhi Municipal Corporation aimed at ensuring that dying arts and crafts are given a new lease of life due to lack of commercial exposure. The most popular attractions are the wares displayed across 62 handicraft stalls.

IX. Raahgiri

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Where | CP

What started as an initiative to make Gurgaon more accessible and healthy, Raahgiri has grown into a green movement. The event has cycling, running, Zumba, roller skating, yoga, volleyball and badminton—all this in the middle of Connaught Place for free! How cool is that?

X. Delhi Drum Circle

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Where | Announced on Facebook Page every week

Hosted every Sunday, a group of percussionists jam and amaze the crowds surrounding them! Imagine sitting around a group of musicians and falling into infinity as they play some amazing songs. So, if at all you wish to experience some soulful music on a lazy Sunday, this musical group is just what you’ve been waiting for.

Besides the parties in town, there are still these few things that you can do without an ounce of disappoint! So, are you ready to be blown away?

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