A Day’s Trip From Delhi Lies An Extraterrestrial Meteor Crater You Must Visit RN!

Where | Ramgarh, Rajasthan

Don’t think twice!! And book your midnight train to Rajasthan RN people! Ramgarh, a lonely yet picturesque village in Rajasthan is home to one of three meteor craters in India. With a whopping 3.5 km long diameter, the crater is an absolute beaut and a #cringemax moment for all who didn’t know about this place!

So, why go to Ramgarh to check out this crater with a small lake?

Photo Courtesy | Chetan K Jain

I. Desert Feels And A Rich Heritage

Even with its desert surroundings and a low-key, high baritone heritage – the place offers something to all! The high baritone heritage is suggestive of the folk songs that you hear in the evening while travelling through Ramgarh. And the desert surrounding is perfect for those flitting moments of chilly air whooshing across the surface of the crater.

II. The Perfect Picnic Spot For Adventurers

The crater was first visited in 1869 and since then, it has attracted travellers both domestic and international. In fact, you can faintly hear the water seeping down the south-west chasm of the crater. Only to join the river Parvati. So, if at all you wish to head here for a riverside picnic, we must say, the Ramgarh Crater is aces in our books! /:)

III. History So Rich, You Could Write A Book On It

You can witness the majesty of the crater from a distance of 40-50 km. Located on a circular hill that stands tall at 400 metres, the crater is the perfect off-shoot for the Parvati river. It has been called by many names. The most notable being – Ramgarh Structure, Ramgarh Dome and Ramgarh Astrobleme. It is also home to the Bhand Deva Temple, a 10th-century Shiva Temple located near the centre of the crater.

How to travel down?

Well, you can travel to Ramgarh in your car. But it might be more cumbersome than you might imagine. However, a long, close to 7-hour journey never hurt anyone, now did it?

Ps. And if you leave now, well, you might just have enough time to make it back in time for the proverbial Monday morning!

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