39 Types Of Momos And Flat 50% Off On Orders Is What You’ve Waited For All Your Life!

39 Types Of Momos And Flat 50% Off On Orders Is What You've Waited For All Your Life!

Are you bored of hogging on mainstream street food? Wow! Momo has a list of must try momos – 39 types to be exact that you can hog on, each with a rad deal!! Yes, you heard that right. And the best part? A little birdie also told us that Wow!Momos is now serving mango momos that are just beyond perfect and they will make you drool like a kid!

30 Second Window:

  • Wow! Momo is known for its huge variety in delicious momos that are the best in town!
  • This restaurant has a well-lit environment and super fast service in order to make your experience more than just perfect at this place.
  • And now its also open in Huda City Centre! So, to celebrate the opening of its outlet, Wow! Momo is giving a good godly flat 50% discount on each plate that you buy.
  • But guys, we have a confession to make! Wow! Momo has a set type of momos but it’s the way they cook them that changes and hence increase the number of momos to 39 types.
  • So, whether you hog on Prawn, Chicken, Veg, Corn n Cheese and Schezwan momos – everything will be sold at 50% discount!

DforDelhi Recommends:

  • That you hog on some of the best momos you have ever put in your mouths at Wow! Momos.
  • And while driving, we highly recommend that you take some time off this weekend and start going bonkers!

Check out their Facebook page here.

Location | Huda City Centre

And Pay | Half the price of every plate of momos

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