Can’t Manage Your Kitty Party Alone? We Found The Best Hack To Manage It All!

Can't Manage Your Kitty Party Alone? We Found The Best Hack To Manage It All!

Got a kitty party coming up this weekend or in the near future? Can’t find one solution to solve all your party plans? PinkBook is a one stop application that offers some amazing features for you to plan your next kitty party without a headache! Available in both iOS and Android, the application stores all your data in one place. So, whether you wish to regroup at a place you’d all visited last year, check PinkBook and gather all the information you need!

30 Second Window:

The smart interface of the application and its OS allow users to store all the information regarding their kitty party in one single platform. And the process is simple, so here are a few simple tips to gathering all your information –

  • The application allows you to make several groups in one single swipe of the finger. Each group has its own profile that stores all the information regarding the members of the group.
  • So, whether you wish to check if a particular person attended the event or not, or venue, time, kitty value, attendance – the app manages everything in its memory for you to access at a later date.
  • Further, if you feel the need to manage all your kitty accounts – the payments you made, the ones that are pending – PinkBook manages it all so you can plan your next party more efficiently. Did we find you the best party planner solution?
  • Now here’s why this application is not your usual chatting app with groups. The group host always gets the right to control the action that takes place in the group. But here’s the difference – PinkBook automatically changes the host every month!
  • Know what that means? If you had a lover’s quarrel with your friend, worry not, she won’t ever be able to remove you from the group. Especially if PinkBook makes you the next host of the group! Cool, isn’t it?

Now, that’s enough about the application’s features regarding groups. Here’s why PinkBook sells like hot maggi on a cold day –

  • PinkBook allows users to users inquire about & make a reservation – according to your needs – directly from the app!
  • This feature eliminates the hassle of finding an appropriate venue and going gaga over how you’re finding it hard to book a venue.
  • Besides, if you are looking to indulge in some retail therapy post partying, PinkBook also gives you the chance to go through latest fashion trends and sale offers across both homegrown and international lifestyle brands!

Yes, now we can say we found you the best hack to hosting the best kitty party without tension and head ache!

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  • That you download the application and live a tension free life without having to worry about every single detail of your next kitty party!

For more information, do check out their Facebook Page and Website!

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