4 Reasons Why You Must Attend BFF Festival On 4th, 5th And 6th August!

Call it coincidence or fate but friendship day and international beer day are falling on the same weekend this year. And that’s not it, the next weekend just got a whole lot better because on 4th, 5th and 6th your life is gonna be LIT AF! So, why did we say it’s LIT AF? Consider this; you’re sitting in a pub and waiting for your pals to arrive. What do you do? You order a pint of beer, don’t you? So, instead of sitting in one corner all alone, why not gather your entire squad and head to a festival that celebrates your friendship, with people and beer!

3 Days Of The Best Beer Trip You Ever Had

Remember the dates – 4th, 5th and 6th August! This 3 day period will most certainly be the biggest and most fun in your life because if anything, it is a beer marathon with your best friends. So, re-imagine the friendship day we would celebrate in school. Only this time, since you’re not a toddler anymore, you would be celebrating the friendship day with a beer in one hand and an equally high on beer friend in the other!

Beer Games

Beer is love, sure. But what really makes the drink engaging in a big crowd is its ability to bring people together. So, instead of giving you awkward moments of silence with your to-be-BFFs we offer you the opportunity to break the ice in fun and interactive ways. Beer pong anyone? Wohhoooo! We said it before you could, didn’t we? So, here’s the deal – we tweaked the game a little and we hope you like it! What do you have to do? Let’s see, NOTHING! But only for now dear, because if we tell you all the secrets, then where would the fun be in the mystery?

And if at all beer pong isn’t your choice of bong, get this – you can take a hit of beer and simply run around because we also have beer relay and beer yoga coming your way!

Because Dost, Dost Hota Hai

For a second we were hoping that you would imagine what’s coming next to be something related to beer! Because beer is the only companion in life that does not ask for anything! It only asks you to CHUG CHUG CHUG! However, we do understand you – so, who’s the Jai and who’s the Veeru in your friendship? Because we’re calling such BFFs in town to DLF Mall of India for3-day extravaganza full of beer, food, music and games – basically everything to make your weekend LIT again! Don’t be shy, we got all you BFFs covered with great deals.

Yellow Yellow, Beer Is What Makes Me Mellow

With 4-5 beer brands and yes, also the ones you love the most – BFF festival will feature the best in that liquid gold drink industry! And why not? You should get the chance to chug a beer after the one you just had because there ain’t any sunshine if there’s no beer. And if there’s anything a Delhite is recognized by – it’s his/her ability to chug that baby! So, take a seat, listen to the great bands we’ve got in order for you and just mellow down dude! Most other places only give you this opportunity once a week – like ladies night – but we’re giving you 3 days. 3 days of your life you’d miss every week after enjoying yourself at the festival!

Now, did we just drop the best friendship day and international beer day celebration party or not?

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