The Maggi Fest’17 Is Bigger, More Badass And On Till October People!

Startin' INR 150 Chow Down 8 Types Of Maggi Until October @ The Maggi Fest!

After much research and many hungry hours, we finally found the food fest you’ve all been longing for. The Maggi Fest has taken over Delhi and it’s been going on for almost a fortnight without a single word spreading across social media! An energetic, yet humble pub in Delhi had kicked off the delicious¬†festival a fortnight back & it’s beyond mad – the menu they’ve set. Featuring 8 types of Maggi, the festival is a showdown of the best Maggi you can find in Delhi. Whether it’s full of veggie delights or meaty goodness – you cannot ignore this festival & our 2-minute friends!

30 Second Window:

  • Starting INR 150, Informal in Janpath is giving Delhites the chance to chow down 8 types of Maggi! From Italian Maggi to Butter Chicken Maggi, the festival is making serious noise.
  • And it’s not just for the Maggi that people are thronging this place. Informal is also offering a menu of bomb cocktails made with fresh fruits! Coconut Cold Cappuccino & Strawberry Colada are two mind blowing drinks on offer.
  • But that’s enough about the Maggi Fest guys! Let’s talk about Informal – their wood fired pizza, an extensive list alcohol and menu featuring meals from around the world. Best among them, of course, is the wood fired oven pizza – the classic Margherita!
  • And for drinks? Sip on their Informaltini, Dead Pennis, Imperfect Mule and Glenfiddich 15 yrs starting at INR 545! Now, that’s what we call a party LIT AF. And if you haven’t been here in a while or ever, we highly suggest a diet of fruits till you over bloat yourself chowing down on Maggi!

DforDelhi Recommends:

  • That you take out your cars, call out your squad and start scooting toward Informal at Janpath!

And don’t forget to check out their Facebook page here.

Ps. The Maggi Fest started on 1st July and will continue till 31st August! So, gear up guys!!

Location | 52, Tolstoy Lane, Janpath

And Pay | INR 150 for Maggi

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