All For A Good Cause | Donate Your Old Books And Make A Difference!

Where | The Plaza, Select CITYWALK

When | 10th to 12th November

Select CITYWALK is hosting a donation drive for the underprivileged and at-risk children of Delhi. Children who cannot buy the school, fiction and non-fiction books for themselves. And the mall that gives us so many reasons to love it with an open heart is hosting a donation drive for these kids! And that’s not all!

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Select CITYWALK will be hosting the donation drive over 3 days, in association with the GURU Q. Together the two entities will be installing an 8 feet tall book pyramid made from the ones donated at the mall. The significance of the pyramid is to inspire people to donate their old books for a good cause. In fact, as it stands – the books will be donated to Khushi Foundation that will then donate the books to underprivileged kids!

The motive behind this book donation drive will hopefully inspire ya’ll to make a difference with a powerful impact on lives that matter!

So, don’t just sit there. If you have a pile of old books that you either don’t need or don’t read anymore – donate it here!

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