Attention All McDonalds Lovers! 16 Out Of 84 Outlets Are Back Open!

On December 25, 84 McDonalds outlets were to be shut down. Most of these were in East India, and some in North including Delhi. This happened after CPRL’s logistics partner Radhakrishna Foodland discontinued its supply services alleging reduction in volume and non-payment of certain dues.

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But Vikram Bakshi MF CPRL opened 16 outlets on 28 December with the supply from the new logistics partner ColdEX.

McDonald’s India, however, says that the new distribution centre has not been approved by them and post-termination of franchise pact with CPRL, it has not verified if the outlets are complying with applicable McDonald’s food safety, supply and operations standards.

Both the parties are fighting the battle at various courts, including the NCLT, the Delhi High Court and also the London Court of Arbitration. Bakshi has also challenged the termination of the franchise agreement.

While this is going to be a long journey, we are glad that our favourite McFlurry Brownie is back! 😛

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