Attention Jugheads! We Sniffed Out Kebab, Samosa And 29 Other Burgers Here In GTB Nagar!

Attention Jugheads! We Sniffed Out Kebab, Samosa And 29 Other Burgers Here In GTB Nagar

*BURP* this gem has 29 types of burgers like mutton kebab and samosa burgers! WHAAAT?? You there, you read that right! This hidden gem in GTB Nagar serves the most cheesy, meaty burgers ever to be cooked by mankind. Serving 29 types of burgers, Wat-A-Burger has a delicious number of burgers that your mind start spinning. Each burger is just as cheesy, meaty & veggie as the one preceding & following it!

30 Second Window:

  • Wat-A-Burger has 3 outlets across town & with every outlet they open they up the ante further & people go bonkers!
  • Their menu full of burgers , wraps, sandwiches, fries & everything heavenly is simply mesmerising & deliciously sinful. So, munch on the delectable mutton kebab burger, fish ‘n crisp burger, veg samosa burger!
  • Wanna chug all that grease with some equally lip smacking milkshakes? Dive into their green apple milkshake,  paan milkshake, butterscotch milkshake, bounty chocolate milkshake & choco-mint milkshake!
  • Please understand these are only few of the amazing dishes they roll out every day! And it only gets better from here. These guys have a penchant for surprising their guests. Maybe the next time you visit Wat-A-Burger will be serving even more flavours & meaty goodness!
  • Drooling much? They have a range of smoothies that you can melt into & chug as you demolish burgers after burgers!

DforDelhi Recommends:

  • That you pay this burger heaven a visit & demolish the most tasty & cheesy burgers ever!

Ps. they have outlets across Noida as well! So, while you drool, do check out their Facebook page here.

Sneak Peak | Shop 57, Mall Road, GTB Nagar

And Pay | ₹350 for duo

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