For All The Bad Gals Out There, Rihanna’s Fenty PUMA Trainer Is Here In Delhi!

For All The Bad Gals Out There, Rihanna's Fenty PUMA Trainer Is Here In Delhi!

OMG! Rihanna just dropped these sexy AF Fenty PUMA Trainers and we just can’t stop obsessing over it. After releasing the Fenty PUMA Creeper, these trainers are taking over the world and are just more than happy. With a little update in the design, these trainers are what you have been looking for all your life. Are you ready to run on the road of fitness with the same shoes that Rihanna runs in? Hell yes!

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  • The Fenty PUMA Creeper has a thick sole which is just perfect to make a fashion statement. And of course, it’s just so comfy that you would never want to take these trainers off. Now that’s a full package, isn’t it?
  • After falling in love with the beige and olive green Fenty PUMA¬†Creepers, Rihanna decided to turn things up a notch by modifying the design. This new design is known as ‘The Fenty Trainer’ and yes, these are the same shows that Rihanna loves working out in!
  • Available in four bold colours -Black, Cypress, Sesame and Whisper White- these trainers are so stylish that you can even wear them on a normal day out. Let your girl gang adore your shoes and go mad after them. A little show off never hurts anybody, does it?
  • Go up a level with these leather slip on sneakers that are super light and bad gal Riri’s favourite. Let’s make our workout session as fun as anything else and as trendy as Rihanna’s fashion sense.

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  • That you go online and buy these crazy trainers by Rihanna now! Who would’ve thought that Rihanna is not just an amazing singer but a brilliant designer as well eh?

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