Best Japanese Restaurants In Delhi

Sushi isn’t a dish you’d come across at any food joint in Delhi. It’s an exotic indulgence you must try at least one. Here’s a list of restaurants in Delhi that will serve your taste buds with the best Sushi you can find around. First timer or a frequenter of Japanese restaurants, these are all must visit restaurants.

  1. Wasabi By Morimoto

Wasabi is perhaps the most exquisite and luxurious Japanese restaurant in Delhi. Located at Mansingh Road, The Taj Mahal 1, you already get an idea of the luxury and expense as you enter. The sushi is made from fresh ingredients imported from Tokyo (Yes, straight from Japan to your plate!) served flawlessly and efficiently with the ‘five star feel’.
It is famous for its best quality Sushi Sashimi and Nigiri prepared delicately to perfection but apart from these, nearly every delicacy on their menu are bound to delight your taste buds.
If you are looking for an exquisite Japanese indulgence you might find yourself frequenting this restaurant soon!


  1. Megu

Megu is another extremely ethereal extravaganza of Japanese recipes one can find in Delhi.
With majestic decor, Megu is located at The Leela Palace Chanakyapuri. The ambience will give you the best Japanese flavor even before you eat.
Megu has about 400 labels of wine to go with your the exotic sushi and sashimi, some being Akami, Chutoro and Madai. They also serve vegetarian sushi and sashimi.
The service is very prompt and attentive as expected at a five star diner.
Some might find the prices justified for the exotic indulgence but do not mistake it to be pocket friendly!


  1. Sakura

Sakura is one of the oldest Japanese restaurant India has seen. At The Metropolitan Hotel, Bangla Sahib Road Sakura is well known to Japanese delicacy enthusiasts. It serves the best traditional Japanese dishes. This is the place to be if you are looking for the authentic taste of Sushi and Sashimi!
Sakura offers a wide variety of delicacies and gives you an impeccable Japanese taste.


  1. Guppy by Ai

Guppy by Ai is the quirkiest Japanese restaurant in town with anime based interiors. This contemporary restaurant serves the most exotic Sushi at prices that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.
Hosomaki Sushi rolls, Black rice California roll, Uramaki Sushi rolls are some of the recipes that you must try!
You will find this contemporary Japanese restaurant at the Main Market, Lodhi Colony.


  1. Big Wong XL

Big Wong XL is an oriental restaurant serving Thai, Sushi and Chinese at the food mall Epicuria, Nehru Place. It serves some of the best Sushi at the price that will make you visit this place more often.
Each delicacy is served in vegetarian and seafood variant. Salmon Sake, Ebi Prawn are some sushi that you must order when you visit this authentic oriental restaurant!


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