5 styles of boots every woman must own in her winter footwear collection

If there’s one thing every stylish woman absolutely needs in her closet come fall, it’s a great pair of boots. Delhi winters are wicked and it’s every woman’s fantasy to look her best but since its fall, women also prefer being snug. No matter what the shifting trends of the moment may be, a good pair of boots never goes out of style. There are end number of boots a woman can try out which is makes it very difficult for one to own, so to help you out we’ve come up with a handful of styles every women needs in her fall footwear collection.

There are only five, and we’ve curated plenty of up-to-the-minute options in each category to please your fancy.

STILETTO BOOTS {It’s time to get to the sleek point}

A black bootie with a slim heel and subtly pointed toe can take the place of pumps in cooler weather and work with everything from skirts to denim. Whether its a long boot or ankle sized boot, a stiletto boot never goes out of fashion and does its best to make you look sexy.

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Over the knee boots or going by the generic nomenclature that is long boots are the best pair of boots a woman can fit in her fall footwear collection. Team these boots with jeans, slacks, skirts and you’re good to go to any party or even college and work.

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Combat boots look the best when you want to add a little edge to your otherwise monotonous look. Combats give you that ripped look you’ve always been wanting.

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From thigh-highs to barely-above-the-ankle styles, there’s a huge variety of boot lengths out there. But in our opinion, the ankle boot’s the most essential. Why? They work with everything from skinny jeans to trousers to a classic LBD. We have four different types of ankle boots in store for you. Each pair of booties solve a specific purpose and believe me, they work their best to make you look HOT!

a. Moto Boots: Moto boots are your best friend for days when you want to wear flats, but would like a little more edge. They’re great with a pair of jeans, and can add a significant cool factor to a feminine dress.

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b. Uggs: Uggs are the most comfy pair of boots of them all. A little backward on the style front, uggs make the perfect snug shoes for winters.

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c. Chelsea boots: The Chelsea boot is having a major moment right now—but then again, it always is. Their rock ‘n’ roll vibe pairs well with skinny black jeans.

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d. Stacked boots: Chunky ankle heels are amazing and they are an added benefit for walking. Every woman absolutely needs a pair of stacked booties in her closet. Whether it’s black or brown, these are best in staple colors so you can wear them with just about any Fall look. Make sure to invest in a pair with a solid, thick heel—the more comfortable they are, the better. You want to be able to wear them out and about for hours on end.

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Boho is the new trend these days. It’ like we’re back to the old age. Boho boots are stylish and trendy and can do wonders with any type of outfit.

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