You Can’t Miss Tasting These Delicious Kashmiri Dishes Here In Delhi!

You Can't Miss Tasting These Delicious Kashmiri Dishes Here In Delhi!

Apart from being known as the Switzerland of India, Kashmir is also known for its mouthwatering cuisine. We bring to a list of Kashmiri dishes you can get here in ‘saddi dilli’!

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Badam Mutton Kofta Curry

Where|Shop-11, Ground Floor, Cross Point Mall, Opposite Galleria Market, DLF Phase IV, Gurugram

This dish will fill your tummy but never your heart. Just imagine tender meatballs in rich almond curry! Heavenly, isn’t it? The flavor is very strong from almonds which mellows the acidic flavor of the red meat. It is complemented by a strong cardamom flavor and the crumbly koftas are definitely the hero of this dish.

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Where|DLF City Court, Sikandarpur, Gurugram.

Haak is a leafy dish which is served with steamed rice. This dish is considered as an everyday food in Kashmir. Since it’s cooked with loads of spices, just its fragrance will make you go insane. It consists of radish greens, dandelion greens, and spinach. The taste is extremely unique. So get your hands on it today.

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Where|DLF City Court, Sikandarpur, Gurugram.

Made with Paneer and dry fruits, shufta is the richest desserts from the valley. The dish is made only on special occasions like weddings. All the ingredients are slow cooked in desi ghee and it tastes heavenly! Worth a try? Yaasss!

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Methi Chaman

Where|Hotel Broadway, 4/15/A, Daryaganj, New Delhi or Bikaner House, Pandara Road, India Gate, New Delhi.

Methi is highly used in most of the Kashmiri dishes. This dish is a beautiful blend of methi and paneer. Methi Chaman is a beautifully colored with large pieces of paneer floating in a tangy curry. Mildly spiced, it pairs well with rice and tawa roti.

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Visit these places and lose yourself in the unique flavors of Kashmir!

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