Taste The Flavours Of Street Food With Delhi’s 6 Iconic Places For Chole Bhature!

Chole Bhature

A creamy plate of Chole Bhature is the perfect indulgence when monsoon comes knocking. Especially in New Delhi, this Punjabi delicacy of Chole Bhature has taken its food lovers by storm. If you have been wondering where exactly you can find the best ones’ in Delhi, here is our pick of the Top 8 Chole Bhature joints.

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30 Second Window:

  • The chickpeas are cooked with a host of earthy spices including cumin (jeera), coriander (dhania) and anardana in a hearty mix of a tomato and onion gravy.
  • The deep fried goodness of a perfect Bhatura is made after the dough is fermented for good thirty minutes.
  • Chole Bhature is a decadent treat for sure and we Delhiites love it to the core
  • Families mostly prefer eating this food on Sundays’ as everybody is at home & the fun of eating this is with your family for sure!
Sita Ram Diwan Chand

Possibly the best joint for Chole Bhature in New Delhi.  It is located in the busy street alley of Paharganj, parking is certainly an issue there. But an oldest joint to have the puffy Bhature & delicious Chole. Their crispy Bhatura is different as Paneer is laced in the Bhatura! And trust me, you will fall in love with their Chutney as well. It’s not spicy but it has a tinge of delicious masala which surely adds the taste. It is truly authentic and rustic!

Location | Paharganj

Anand Ji

This Chole Bhatura joint offers lip-smacking Chole. The quantity of Chole, raw salad, chutney is superb! If you’re travelling by metro then it is just 1-2 km from Lajpat Nagar’s metro station. It’s Sunday’s nashta for many families in Lajpat Nagar & the nearby places to the restaurant. There are many other dishes that should be tried but Chole Bhatura is a must have. The kitchen and speed of service is extremely neat and professional.

Location | Lajpat Nagar

Meghraj & Sons

A famous, rich, fresh sweet shop on the busy road of Chandni Chowk. The specialty of this restaurant is that whatever is made is fresh & desi ghee is used.  Be it, sweets or Chole Bhature, they make everything so simple yet so irresistible. Must visit for pure taste of Chole Bhature also, the salad is of another level. They give spicy pickle with it which is excellent!

Location | Chandni Chowk

Baba Nagpal Corner

If you talk to any foodie, the first thing that person would ask you, ‘have you ever tried Chole Bhature of Nagpal’? If no, then do not waste your time- it’s the best time to have Chole Bhature of Baba Nagpal Corner. It is the most famous joint to hog on yummiest chole bhature of our Dilli ! From college goers to auto-walas’ to corporate big-wigs, everyone goes there for its special treat. Along with Chole Bhature, do try mithi (sweet) lassi that will make your hear-t melt more for that place. It is Amar Colony’s best & happening spot to swing in!

Location | Lajpat Nagar

Naand Di Hatti 

An oldest joint to eat Chole Bhature, started by the late Nand Lal Ji in 1947. And it’s still going that strong. Their Chole Bhature is not only famous amid Indians, but also have great craze amid foreigners. Its USP is the use of desi ghee and homemade pickles. Semolina (suji) being a part of their Bhatura makes it a healthier option besides making them fluffier.

Location | Sadar Bazaar

Kwality Restaurant

Bit heavy on your pocket but the awesome flavor of fresh-prepared Chole and Bhaturas justifies it completely. Bhaturas with almost no oil is a USP here. Kwality is one of the oldest restaurants located in CP which has been swanking about its famous Chole Bhature for decades.

Location | Connaught Place

DforDelhi Recommends:

  • Delhi, capital of India is always special. Chole Bhature is a special dish too. Try out these yummy in tummy chole bhatures with your friends and family members!

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