Brace Yourself For Some Inconvenience At Delhi Airport!

Do you have plans to travel from Delhi Airport this weekend? Or anytime next week? You’ve got to brace yourself and prepare well in advance for this one!
Out of the three runways at the airport, one runway is undergoing ‘Preventive repairs’ from 15th November and will remain closed for 13 days initially.

Runway 27/09 would be closed for “preventive repairs” next month while two other runways – 11/29 and 10/28 – would be operational. The airport handled 63.5 million passengers in 2017-18 and has around 1,300 flight movements every day.
The works are scheduled to be undertaken for 13-day duration starting from November 15, 2018. This will lower the capacity of IGI Airport by 50 arrivals and 50 departures per day in this duration.

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These works are essential for safe aircraft operations and to avoid sudden disruptions that cause greater impact due to the time required for planning the logistics. According to an Air India official, around 200 domestic flight departures and arrivals are likely to be affected by the runway closure.

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So if you have tickets booked for this duration of time, reach the airport well ahead of time and make sure you don’t book tickets for immediate travel. Have a buffer time as flights might get rescheduled, delayed or even canceled.

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