Yummy, Easy, Quick: FatJar Cafe & Market Is Delicious And Why We Still Eat Out Near GK

FatJar Cafe & Market

The innocuous, suburban glass look of FatJar Cafe & Market in East of Kailash might look more like it’s out of place. But inside, it’s one of Delhi’s very best restaurants. Once inside, the understated black & white tiled walls and pops of blue sofas are the perfect canvas on which to lay Chef Yuvraj’s modern degustation menu. In fact, it’s so solidly anchored in the season that every dish is a refreshing change.

What to expect at FatJar Cafe & Market in Kailash Colony

For us, this is probably the first place to book whenever we’re coming to Kailash Colony. Because the place is consistently coming up with something good whichever time of the year you go!!

Besides, the presence of Chef Yuvraj imparting wisdom on his dishes without healthy food snobbery is a major attraction and a gem to behold.

The ambience

From its glass-paned window at the threshold, you can see the sun-kissed roads; changing shades as the day passes. Something about this shift in colours, the smell of freshly produced meals with truckloads of flavours gives us goosebumps. Must be magic, we swear!

So, the ambience of the place may be enough to pen it down in your diary and reserve a table. Even if all the tables were snapped up in minutes! However, while there isn’t enough space for a huge party, the restaurant bulges with seldom-seen interiors.

Black & white tiles on the walls with paintings adding a touch of gold, multi-coloured floor tiles and a wooden touch of furniture! You can understand our palpable excitement, right?


The food

Part of the magic is the home that it is to a cool multi-cuisine canteen. With intimate booths to relax in and walls covered in (somewhat) abstract paintings – the place concentrates on all day meals with daily specials. For us, the winning dishes here are Chicken Roasted Vegetables, Pan Seared Fish, Truffled Mushrooms & Sticky Date Pudding.

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The chicken has this beautiful glaze that sticks to your mouth long enough to make you order a second helping. The veggies, though roasted, add texture and class to a humble piece of chicken. In fact, even the Pan Seared Fish is obscenely good; check your face, there might be a smile lurking thanks to the crackle in the skin!

What we love about FatJar Cafe & Market in Kailash Colony

If you’re looking for something refined in Kailash Colony, drop down here. If your sweetheart needs just that extra bit of intimacy while eating out, drop down here.

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FatJar concentrates on using fresh produce which is a wonderful combination of interesting and bloody delicious. It is as George Calombaris would say, “If you’re keeping it simple, make it DELICIOUS!”

Bottom Line

Breakfast, lunch or dinner – whatever suits you, these guys do it!

Where | A 7, Kailash Colony

Google Maps | Click Here

Nearest Metro Station | Kailash Colony

Price For Two | INR 1,600

Facebook Page | https://www.facebook.com/fatjarcafeandmarket/

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