Delhi Government May Start Using Anti-Fog Guns To Fight Pollution!

Where | New Delhi

What started as yet another cold day, all we ever wanted to do was snuggle in our bed & remain that way! Sip a little coffee, eat something ‘garma-garm’ and SLEEP! But did you know that the air quality index touched 332 today?

So, to fight the worsening condition of air quality in Delhi, the government sought to use anti-fog guns! And they started the operation on a trial basis in Anand Vihar. The reason why they started with a corner part of the city was the worsened condition of air quality after almost a week’s time!

The anti-fog gun throws water at extremely high speeds in the air to allow the pollutants to slowly rise. And while it has only been used in one part of the city, we’re sure hoping that it will be used in other zones as well!

Because looking out the window, it’s a pretty bad situation and all of us must be cautious!

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Cover Image Courtesy | Hindustan Times

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