Delhi’s First ‘Walk Festival’ Feat. Sufi Music, Food, Photography Will Be Insane!

Delhi's First 'Walk Festival' Feat. Sufi Music, Food, Photography Is Insane!

Where | Across Delhi

When | 2nd November

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Delhi Walk Festival is a one of a kind platform for Delhi to showcase its essence. It’s true! Imagine this – 10 days of walking through Delhi’s heart when it comes to food, photography, heritage, music among other things. In fact, the festival will take place across Delhi, as everyday guests attend separate walk fests!

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The festival will start with a magical evening in the heart of Delhi’s sufi affair. Get mesmerised in the soulful voice of the singers as they weave a curtain of absolute musical pleasure. The festival will kick off at the Shiv Mandir, Nizamuddin at 04:15 on 2nd November! From there, of course, you will have to walk down to the dargah for the sufi night to begin!

The entire walk festival will cover more 170+ walks! You can check out the full schedule of the festival here.

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