RJs Naved & Raunac Are Co-Hosting A Show For The First Time Tomorrow! Know more!

In those flitting moments between yawning and getting something ready to eat, you must start jumping on your beds! The good people here at Quaker Oats have put together a show to remind us of the nutrition-rich life that we must adhere to – for a healthy and engaging lifestyle! In fact, their latest offering Oats+Milk is revolutionary innovation that blends the goodness of milk with the goodness of fibre; just like our two favourite RJs of Delhi Naved and Raunac complement each other. So, to all those who cannot do with just one, here’s the Power Of Two!!

RJs Naved (Radio Mirchi) and RJ Raunac (Red FM) will be co-hosting a brilliant new wake-up call show this FridayThe Power Of Two! The excitement is too much to control people and you’ll just keep asking for more.

No, we’re not asking you to be the Mirchi Murga! We’re asking you to hold on to your seats because something interesting, engaging and enriching is coming your way!

What do these two peppy RJs have in store that every one of you is eagerly waiting for? A dose of laughter? Of course!! And let’s not forget their love for music, nutrition and the whimsical nature of conversation we’ve all come to enjoy for so many years! Now imagine all those doses of laughter multiplied 1000 times!! That’s just how magical, amazing and informative the show will be and we can’t stop gushing over it!

So, here’s why we’re SO EAGER to tell you that this week will be super exciting for each of you!

For the very first time – in the history of Indian Radiotwo of our most loved RJs will co-host a 4-hour long show. A show that will ring louder with laughter than your phone alarm. A show that you will not just wake up to, but hope that you wake up with, every day. Excited?

You should be! Because these two guys (or as we like to call them the ‘dynamic two’) can literally make you tear up and laugh like never before! So, turn up the volume to full blast and brace yourselves!

Hey, before we forget! Did we tell you Sachin Tendulkar will be joining the show? That’s right! The show will also feature the Master Blaster who will speak about his will to win and his determination to keep pushing forward; along with the significance, nutrition played in his 24 year long cricketing innings.

And that’s just what the show is all about. The power of twotwo RJs who will crack some witty jokes, play the perfect songs and provide some well-advised reality check on a healthy lifestyle!

Join the bandwagon as RJ Naved and RJ Raunac spin a yarn of over the top amusement! Tune into RED FM and Radio Mirchi on the 27th between 7 and 11 am!

Yes, people! We know we’ve already got you really excited. But we must let the show do the talking!

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