Demonetized Currency Turned To Stationery By Prisoners Of This Jail!

Did you ever wonder where all the demonetized currency went? The 500 and 1000 rupee notes that were banned have been utilised to make stationery products by prisoners of a jail. In fact, the entire activity was used as an asset to give the prisoners a new lease of life.

Photo Courtesy | PTI

Life imprisoned inmates of Puzhal Central Prison used the shredded pieces of the demonetized currency to make customised stationery. A special team of 25-30 prisoners made stationery called ‘file-pads’, at the niche hand-made stationery making unit. In fact, the prisoners make close to 1,000 pads every day, earning anywhere between INR 160 to INR 200 on a daily basis.

Isn’t that just cool? Moreover, if you have any friends living in Tamil Nadu, you can ask them to buy these handmade pads.

Interested? Read more about this here.

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