This South Delhi Bakery Is Serving The Most Amazing Desserts This Christmas


Dezertfox, a new bakery based out of Delhi is here to celebrate the Christmas season with you! The bakery is known for their decadent desserts inspired by cuisines from around the world. In fact, some of their most well known desserts are made from ingredients that ooze international tastes!

Foxing Around With Dezertfox:

  • Dezertfox offers delectable range of unique dessert selections prepared with a promise of fresh and natural ingredients.
  • The rich goodness of dairy cream & only natural colors promise to tickle your senses, as it will take you for a trip round the globe.
  • Each freshly baked delight is baked to perfection on a platter & delivered to your doorstep. So, you can experience the luxury of fine dining in the comfort of your home.


Christmas season has begun & we can’t wait to taste all the mouth watering desserts the bakers at Dezertfox create every single day.


So, check out this list of the best desserts we urge you to taste as soon as possible!

  • Dezertfox is offering its decadent creations at great offers that include Christmas special cakes & desserts.
  • Trust us when we tell you that the offers are just as delicious as the desserts themselves. Get 20% off on order worth INR 450 & above!
  • Other offers are: 1) 25% off on your first order, use code NEW25 2) Upload a picture of your favourite beloved desserts with #Dezertfox & get 50% off!
  • College students can also avail special offers such as, IIT Delhi students can apply Promo Code IIT20 to avail 20% off!


Now that we’ve told you all about Dezertfox, their great new desserts & the offers you can avail, ORDER NOW!

Check out their WebsiteFacebook page or contact them at 011-26472837 to order your desserts!

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