Emoi Is Now Delivering Paw-Shaped Ice Creams To Our Doorsteps!

Where | New Delhi

Emoi – the tuk-tuk ice cream parlour has finally started delivering ice creams. So, now you can get your fave flavour bomb ice creams like – Banoffee, Paan & Peppermint delivered to your door!

Photo Courtesy | Neha Sharma

Emoi recently announced on their Instagram account that they’ve partnered with Zomato and Swiggy! And if the news is true, then you’ll get your ice creams delivered to your doorsteps within an hour of placing the order. Isn’t that just so cool?

They even have smiley face ice creams, a 3 tier ice cream for those who like everything big! Yep, they even have a heart-shaped ice cream that so easily brings them to the forefront of ice cream innovation. No jokes eh.

Ps. did we mention they have also started offering ice creams in green cones? :0

Photo Courtesy | Abhishek Neyol

Kinda funny how things are slowly getting LIT, right? Well, order your ice cream rn and a wide smile is what it will end with!

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