Rare Meteor That Fell From The Sky In Gurgaon Turned Out To Be Poop!

Where | Delhi-NCR

Human waste discarded by an aeroplane mid-air caused a lot of confusion among residents of Gurgaon. In fact, many thought that it was pieces of a meteor and according to some sources, they even stored it! 😛

So, while many residents considered it to be part of a meteor shower, scientists at the site claimed otherwise. After doing tests and looking at the pieces, it was finally confirmed that the pieces were actually POOP!

The incident took place 10 days after airlines were reissued statements regarding NGT’s 20th December order. The order had emphasised that airlines will have to pay a fine of Rs 50,000 if they discard human waste mid-air.

Funny how some people thought it was a meteor right? 😛

Read more about this here.

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