For The Love Of Reading, Scoop Up Books From These 5 Delhi Based Authors!

These 5 Delhi Based Authors Will Surely Inspire You To Get Writing!

Delhi is a city that has given to the world people of immense talents and capability. Be it actors, directors, singers, Delhi is the root of various inspiring people across the globe. Delhi has also given to the world many authors and writers who have profoundly contributed to the world of literature, and whose works have had an equally huge effect on our hearts.

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Here is a list of 5 such Delhi based writers that will surely inspire you to get writing (or at least pick up a book).

Not all of them were born in Delhi, but they have taken their place in the city, choosing to reside here instead of any place else. So here they are!

Arundhati Roy
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‘The God of Small Things’ is a book that is a prized possession of any book lover anywhere. Born in Meghalaya, Arundhati Roy has spent her entire life in Delhi and resides in Jor Bagh. The author is internationally acclaimed and has gained a reputation for her work. Her work earned her the esteemed Booker Prize in 1997, and continues to be in publication. While the author continues to gain recognition, we can never forget to acknowledge her and celebrate her contribution to the world of letters.

Gurucharan Das
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Born in the pre-Independence Pakistan, Das moved to Shimla and then Delhi during his childhood years. Since then, he has continued to live in Delhi. His most famous works include The Difficulty of Being Good: On The Subtle Art of Dharma, which analyses the Mahabharata and India Unbound, which is a narrative account of India from Independence to the ‘global information age’. Das’ works and thoughts continue to inspire many even today!

Ira Pandey
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Ira Pande is a well-known editor who has worked with Seminar, Biblio, Dorling Kindersley and Roli Books. She is currently the chief editor, IIC Publications. Her book Diddi: My Mother’s Voice help transform the lives and personalities of girls all over the map! She recently translated Shivani’s Apradhini: Women without Men.

Khushwant Singh
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Khushwant Singh is a household name for all book lovers. Be it A Train to Pakistan, or the book of jokes, we have read it all. Singh was born in Punjab, but spent his schooling days and later life in Delhi. Singh died in 2014, while he resided in Sujan Singh Park, near Khan Market. The house was built by his father in 1945. Singh’s works not only present to the readers the horrors of the Partition, but his decision to stay at this particular house depicts his connection with the past that is now gone. Singh’s novels, poems, short stories and jokes have made us feel all kinds of emotions, and for that, we shall be eternally grateful to him.

Romila Thapar
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Amidst the many historians that have gained acclaim in the nation, Romila Thapar’s name is one of the best known. Thapar’s contribution to Delhi is quite profound – not only has she meticulously recorded the history of the city, she has even taught at the prestigious Delhi University and Jawaharlal Nehru University. Her works give the readers the chance to explore the rich history of our nation and be able to appreciate the silver-tongued manner in which they are written.

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