Ghaziabad Peeps! Papa Buns Has Finally Opened Shop In Indirapuram!

Ghaziabad Peeps! Papa Buns Has Finally Opened Shop In Indirapuram!

Papa Buns in Indirapuram is a special place for people who love hogging on bread! Yes. the speciality here is bread and everything greasy, flavour overloaded curry with it. Papa Buns offers mutton nihari and favourites like paneer makhni in oven baked bread loaf! You there, you heard that right! These guys are best known for overloading our stomachs with the most amazing contraption since the invention of the wheel. Check out this Mutton Nihari dish –

30 Second Window:

  • Papa Buns is a small eatery with tonnes to offer to all those don’t mind hogging the desi way. Sure, they provide forks and spoons but if you have a napkin and a hungry stomach, who the hell cares about the mess?
  • If you are able to save some bread after slurping and munching on the mutton, we suggest you dip it in hummus! Papa Buns also offers hummus, if middle eastern cuisine is the way you swing often. Besides, they have two varieties of hummus – one with Pita and the other, Mediterranean Pita Pocket.
  • This fancy food might feel drool worthy but they also have an extensive menu of Italian meals & desi hoggers! Take a bite of the Margherita pizza, top with potato wedges and garnish it with a big sip of Blue Islandnutty Brownie Shake.
  • Sounds fun, doesn’t it? It feels and tastes even better when it’s actually in out mouths! Don’t forget to try their Biryani while visiting, we don’t know much, but we’ve heard it’s worth a go. Besides, bread and paneer makhni is something nobody and screw up!

DforDelhi Recommends:

  • A quick visit to Papa Buns in the afternoon for quick bites or in the evening to kick back and relax!

And while you’re driving, do check out their Facebook page here.

Location | Indirapuram

Nearest Metro Station | Vaishali

And Pay | INR 250 for two

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