Give In To Your Caffeine Cravings With These Coffee-Based Desserts Found In Delhi!

Give In To Your Caffeine Cravings With These Coffee-Based Desserts Found In Delhi!

If there is one weakness that we all have then that is COFFEE! One hot cup of coffee and we are good to go for the day!

But add the magic of coffee to some of our favourite desserts and we’ll get a whole new level of perfection. Give in to your caffeine cravings with these coffee-based desserts found in Delhi.

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Theo’s hazelnut opera cake

Sponge dunked in coffee, topped with buttercream frosting, what else do you need in life?! While Theo’s boasts of the craziest range of desserts, if you’re a coffee lover, blindly pick this one and you will not be disappointed.

Indigo Deli’s Mocha and Caramalised Banana Ice-Cream

Dig into the velvety scoop of this ice cream for it is a plethora of flavours all together. A strong taste of coffee followed up by the yummy caramelized banana is what dreams are made of.

Diva – The Italian Restaurant’s Tiramisu

No place does the classic Tiramisu like Diva does it! With that said, they put in just the perfect amount of coffee, so it is balanced, yummy, and melts in your mouth. This is one dessert that you wouldn’t share with anyone.

Diggin’s Coffee Crem Brulee

With the perfect sheen of caramelized sugar that makes you not want to break into the crust, the inside of this brulee is the perfect combination of custard and coffee!

Andrea’s Eatery’s Cremino

Andrea’s Eatery does some kickass classics from around the world, but what has our heart is the yummy Cremino. Amaretto soaked in coffee with layers of Bavarian Mascarpone that is dusted with Cacao, it is almost too pretty to eat.

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