Goa No More For Indians? Foreign Tourists Can Visit Says Govt. Official!

Goa is undoubtedly the party capital of India, while also attracting a huge crowd for touristy things. So, how would you feel if Goa became so expensive that it only becomes affordable to foreign tourists? Cray right?

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Now, it would seem that Goa only wants rich tourists. And not the cheap domestic travellers. :/

*frowning* So, apparently a Govt. official said,

“Goa should become so expensive that tourists should say that it is not worth coming to Goa. Which tourists … the Indian tourists. We must have high-end facilities and get high-end tourism, which benefits the sons of the soil”

And while this comment may hurt most of us. Statistics provided say otherwise. Evidently, foreign tourists contribute up to 4 times more than the domestic tourists to Goa’s economy. Even though they’re barely 11% of the total tourist arrivals in Goa.

So, you be the judge!

Read more about this here.

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