India’s 1st Astronomy Resort Is Hosting A Supermoon Gazing Nightout!

Where | Astroport-Sariska, Tehla, Rajasthan

Buy Your Tickets | Here

Have you ever stayed at a resort in the middle of the jungle? With the sky shining bright with a million stars hanging from the heavens above? Astroport Sariska is a spectacular new way of experiencing the wilderness while also enjoying the light show in the skies!

Come the end of January, the prediction is that the supermoon will show bright across the world! And Astroport is hosting a brilliant camping trip in Sariska that will leave you dumbfounded. In fact, a total lunar eclipse appears dark red, and is called the ‘Blood Moon’. Moreover, during this eclipse, the moon will be just a day past perigee which is the closest point to Earth in its orbit.

So, without a doubt, this will be your perfect 31st January plan ever!

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