From Pizza To Macaroni Samosa – This Place Offers It All Startin’ INR 12!

Where | 20, GDITL, North X Tower, NSP

Price For Two | INR 150

Our favourite past time snack just turned into something even better! And we’re drooling our mouths off thinking about pizza and macaroni pizzas. How about you?

Photo Courtesy | Noida Crisp

Ram G Snacks Food Corner in NSP is probably one of the finest places in South Delhi for an evening full of snacks! In fact, the small shop is always teeming with people who can never get enough of the samosas they dish out. And on a cold winter evening, there’s nothing better than a piping hot plate of cheesy samosas.

Photo Courtesy | Varun Chauhan

Ram G offers 9 types of samosas, lunch thalis, Chinese cuisines and some really delicious street food snacks! And if you’re someone who absolutely loves hogging on street food, it doesn’t get any better than this.

So, head down to NSP in the evening, any evening, and have yourself blow away!

Cover Image Courtesy | Javeria

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