Let Go Of The Inner Child In You As The Asiad Circus Is Back In Town!

When | 10th to 28th January

Where | DDA Grounds, Pitampura, Near Netaji Subhash Place Metro Station

Circuses have always been a big part of our childhood memories. Be it the gymnasts, or clowns riding unicycles, and juggling balls. What if we say, all your childhood memories can now be recreated!

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For the past 25 years, the Asiad Circus has been showcasing their talent and shows at various spots in and around the country, and now they’ve got a crazy awesome show planned out for us Delhiites and we are SUPER DUPER EXCITED!!

At the circus, they would be featuring both domestic and international acts. And it is truly going to be a once in a lifetime experience!

The artists here have been practicing for a couple of years ( you will know that by their skills) and can pull off stunts that are way better than those you have seen in any Hollywood movie!

You can expect acts like gymnasts cycling on a wire, jumping on the trampoline, juggling acts, clowns (lots and LOTS of clowns), and cute little doggos, stealing our hearts with their performances!

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They are hosting three shows every day, at 1:00 pm, 4:00 pm, and 7:00 pm.

The circus is in the town for only 10 days more! So, hurry and plan that trip before it gets too late. Trust us, this is one show, you wouldn’t want to miss at all!

The Asiad Circus promises to immerse you in a magical world, one you have never seen before.

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