This Home Baker In Delhi Offers Different Cake Of The Day Jars Daily!!

All Things Yummy is a Home Bakery in Safdarjung which has got delicious desserts on their winter menu like caramelised almond cake, banoffee pie in a jar, lemony Christmas which is lemon cake soaked with limoncello liquor and Ciroc – red berry vodka with lemon buttercream icing, choco-walnut caramel tea cake and brownie trifle in a jars.

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To make thing more exciting, and the New Year even sweeter, they have introduced the Cake of the Day jars, where you get a special price on the chosen cake flavour of the day and they have the most amazing flavours to offer.

Here is a list of all the different flavours for different days of the week!

Monday | Gooey Chocolate

Tuesday | Ferrero Rocher

Wednesday | Liquor Love

Thursday | Red Velvet

Friday | Banoffee Pie

Saturday | Alcoffee

Sunday | Toblerone Cheesecake

And trust us! They are ALL delectable!

You can get your hands on a 100gm Jar for just Rs 150, which is usually priced at Rs 200!

Make every day a cheat day with this amazing offer!

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