Love Gol Gappas? There’s A Gol Gappa Eating Championship Going On In Town!

Where | Shop 2, 183/1, Main Link Road, Sector 28, Faridabad

When | 2nd December

Are gol gappas your weakness? If yes, then this is for you and we’re absolutely loving the taste of the paani, mixed with crackling gol gappas, tempered with finely chopped aloo! Firangi Cafe in Faridabad is hosting a brilliant little festival – one that celebrates gol gappa but with a twist. These guys are hosting a gol gappa eating championship and you must attend it with your friends if you think you can gulp down plate after plate of Delhi’s favourite snack!

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The good people here at Firangi Cafe is hosting a gol gappa eating championships. And all you have to do is gulp down as many gol gappas as possible in under a minute! So, do you think you have what it takes to win this championship? If so,

Register yourself here.

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