This Place In Town Offers An Unlimited Midnight Buffet Till 3 AM!

Where | Park Inn by Raddison, Dr Choturam Gidvani Marg

Price | INR 699

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could step out of our houses post midnight for a buffet meal? Better yet, how great would it be if we could hog on all those delicious meals until 3 in the morning? Yep, we know you’re salivating and we’re absolutely losing it! So, before you get out there tonight, here’s everything that you can enjoy!

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Fourteen40 at Park Inn is one of the finest places in town when you’re in desperate need to hog on the most delicious meals you’ve put in your mouth! And as if that wasn’t enough these guys offer an unlimited offer for just INR 699 (plus taxes).

These guys offer a plethora of North Indian dishes that can easily melt in your mouth a flavour bomb like none other! Their kebabs are filled with enriching greens that literally sing in your mouth. And their Paneer Tikka – god, those skewered pieces of soft, beautifully textured tandoori Paneer can easily blow your mind away!

So, don’t just sit there waiting for us to tell you more! This place is heaven for all who might find themselves hungry post midnight!

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