#MaalMela: Maal-A-Maal Weekly At Social


Diwali is over and absence of #Maal is killing your buzz? So listen,

Mele par Maal mila,

Toh is weekend thoda beer pia.

Toh jab tak rhega hosh mei,

Tab tak kar party Social pe

Hauz Khas Social presents, #MaalMela, the one of its kind Mela where the #Maal is ready and up for grabs this Saturday. Social would love to have Dilli-walas over for some #Maal shopping, games and drinks.

Mark your calendars for tomorrow as Social promises to keep rolling out the #Maal. But, really, it’s not the kind of maal you were thinking of, sorry about that. Social has always been known for surprising everyone with unique things and so, it is now unveiling its new merchandise range, the Most Wanted, #Maal. So, drop all your plans this Saturday and give yourself a break this weekend.

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The maal will be available at all Social outlets across India.


  • The #MaalMela will be a chilled out afternoon affair with a touch of chilled beer, served in glasses that you can take home!
  • And since no Mela is complete without games; customers can play ‘Ring the Maal’ or darts, wherein a bulls-eye gets you a chance to win Social’s merchandise for free.
  • At the Delhi launch some of Social’s merchandises such as, pickle jars, kettles, breakfast trays and much more.

So, get ready for some serious shopping with a banta bottle in one hand and candy floss in another.

When: 5th November, TOMORROW!

Where: Hauz Khas Social

Starting: 12 p.m – 4 p.m


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