Gear Up For The Major Foodgasm As These 5 Places In Town Serve Dishes Made Out Of Mac n Cheese! SAY CHEESE!

Know It All In 30 Seconds

Whenever it comes to classic comfort food, the one thing that pops up is Mac n Cheese! The times have changed, but one thing that’s still constant is our love and urge for classic cheesy dishes. Well, to satiate your mac n cheese cravings, we have gathered a list of 5 dishes that’ll give your favorite dish with a fusion of twist. Let’s read on and hop over to dig into the flavors.

1. Burger

The story began when the two most preferred comfort foods clubbed-up together. Magic! Oh well, the combo of succulent cheese, tangy olives, crunchy patty, spicy toppings, and delish mac will make you say whaaaaat! Witness the loaded fun at Cafe Pasticcino in Gurugram.

mac n cheese burger

Image Source

Where | Cafe Pasticcino

Location | Here

2. Cone

Treat yourself with a handy cone filled with the creamy succulent joy of macaroni and cheese. And you know what the best part is? Well, it’s too comfy to carry and hang around carrying this heaven of love.

mac n cheese cone

Image Source

Where | Love Grill

Location | Here

3. Momos

Junkies! What happens when your favorite street food meets the classics? *Blast of Flavors* something similar would happen when you’ll head to have these oh-so-cheesy momos. Still waitin’ to head over?

mac n cheese momos

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Where | Momo Factory

Location | Here

4. Pizza

Binge-watching FRIENDS’ with binge-eating mac n cheese Pizza! Pretty Enough to pamper weekend vibes? Head over and gorge onto the blend that’s made just for you!

mac n cheese pizza

Image Source

Where | Uncle’s Sip & Bite

Location | Here

5. Samosa

Desi meets Italian and made this delectable fried delight full of delish flavors. Hog on the crunchiest snack of the season with cheese in every bite.

mac n cheese samosa

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Where | Samosa Street

Location | Here

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