Backing Up For Water Shortage! Reservoirs To Come Up In The Yamuna Flood Plain

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Striving to put an end to the water crisis in Delhi during the summer months, Delhi Govt. is prepping up to preserve the overflowing water from the Yamuna river during the monsoon by setting up a huge reservoir in the Yamuna flood plain.

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The mega reservoir will run from Palla to Wazirabad and aims at catering to the water shortage in different parts of the country, including Delhi. The project will include setting up of small ponds in the floodplain to catch ample water during the rainy days.

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The project has snagged all the approvals, excepting two, which is presumed to be received soon. Counting on this stupendous initiative, Delhi can be unquestionably anticipated to be water-abundant in the summers to come.

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