NSP’s Fave Food Joint Offers Ravishing Waffles Startin’ Just INR 99!

In bed wondering where that waffle went? Well, we found you a ravishing waffle joint in NSP and we’re so psyched to tell you about it! They are served with tons of maple syrup, fruity goodness, chocolate slathered scoops of ice cream and what not.

Waffles Square in NSP is probably one of those few places in this part of town that serves 14 types of delish waffles. From the All Timer (Classic), Strawberry Swirl to the Banana Blast and Kit Kat Crunch – your waffles needs will NEVER, EVER be the same!

And these are not even the best waffles they serve. Their hot selling, mind-blowing waffle Oreo Madness is the talk of the town! And people are already going mad about it. So should YOU! Because we’re about to you give another reason to check out Waffles Square – THE PEANUT BUTTER WAFFLE.

So, if you’re a waffle freak and it’s all that goes on in your mind – INR 99 is all you need to demolish plate after plate of their waffles!

Facebook Page | https://www.facebook.com/Wafflesquarensp/

Location | G 53, Agarwal Metro Heights, Netaji Subhash Place

Price For Two | INR 350

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