Passion Fruit Cheesecake, The Only Dessert You Need To Try RN, Period!

Where | 35, Ground Floor, Defence Colony Market

Price For Two | INR 1,000

Adding another sweet tooth delight to the foodie’s heart i.e. Delhi – this Passion Fruit Cheesecake is a bomb! Dripping passion fruit on top, take a crunchy bite of the biscuit and start losing your mind. But here’s the deal, we’re not just telling you about this cheesecake, we’re also telling you everything you need to know about its makers!

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Cafe Yell in Def Col is a humble little place with an attractive yet, infectious ambience. In fact, some of the best things about this place are the rustic seating, bright lights and a menu that can dissolve you in its deliciousness within seconds! Oh, let’s not forget the Passion Fruit Cheesecake! It’s beyond delicious!

So, what else is good?

Their Bruschetta Classico will drive you mad with its perfect blend of tender chicken, basil and parmesan!

You can guzzle down all this grease and more with a Lemon Iced Tea – just the best cooler you’ll find to beat the Delhi heat!

And since it’s never enough to just smoosh your fingers with cheese, how about a plate of Alfredo with Penne Pasta? It’s cheesy af, and can easily bomb your palate with the freshest flavours cooked to perfection!

So, don’t just sit there! Take a mouthful of their Mocha Tiramisu and the Home Style Fudge Brownie and just fall into infinity!

Ps. besides all these delightful bites to hog on, don’t EVER forget to try their Passion Fruit Cheesecake!

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