Have You Heard About Delhi’s First Sports Club That Teaches Visually Impaired Children?

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Sports help a child grow and learn a lot of lessons in life. but when the child is visually impaired, it affects their overall growth. Pehel is an initiative that empowers children with visual imparity through sports by not letting this disability affect their growth both mentally and physically. Read on!

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What’s It All About

There are more than 285 million blind people globally, of which 20 million are children of age below 14. 30% of this population is born in India. Pehel is an initiative that aims to remove ‘dis’ from disability. Their aim is to further develop and promote sports for the blind and visually impaired. They encourage all blind and visually impaired people to get involved in different sports and physical activities. They endeavor to promote and provide visually impaired people with the opportunity to participate in sporting, recreational and social activities.

Isn’t that just amazing? It’s a ray of hope in the lives of these children whose parents want holistic development for them rather than just studies.

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This sports club will be one of its kind to provide a platform to the visually impaired regardless of their age and gender. They teach sports like cricket, chess, athletics, and more.

Spread the word, let these children live a life they deserve. Aao Pehel Kare…

Where | Noida sec-47 D-block, Park no. 2, U.P

Location | Click Here

Contact | +91 9821454995

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