Raise Your Voice Delhi! Reports Suggest 1 ‘Stalker’ Held Daily In The Past 180 Days!

Raise Your Voice Delhi! Reports Suggest 1 'Stalker' Held Daily In The Past 180 Days!

We recently told you about this girl who recounted her horrific experience in HKV with stalkers. Well, you can read the story here. But let’s focus on this right now. Experts believe that in the last 180 days, at least 1 stalker had been held daily. With reports like Riya Gautam’s murder taking no effect on the numbers, or bringing them down, here are a few statistics to put things in perspective.

30 Second Window:

  • In the first 6 months of 2017, 203 men had been arrested for stalking. While 259 cases had been registered.
  • In 2016, 835 such cases had been registered and 658 arrests made. Now, sure that sounds scary and horrific but how’s it tha nobody does anything about ti?
  • Delhi Police, the people who are supposed to protect us from such miscreants says cases of stalking by strangers are fewer. And more often than not, the offender is someone known.
  • Sure, that might be true but the numbers don’t lie do they? However, having said that, we as the people also need to buckle up! We need to raise our voice against those who mean to harm us.
  • In fact, recently, a horrific murder took place in Delhi. A woman was murdered with a knife. And she was stabbed 30 times. Now, here’s the real shocker. The murder took place in a crowded, busy area of the city.
  • So, don’t you think we as the people need to wake up and save the spirit of Delhi? That safe and inclusive enviroment that it offers?

DforDelhi Recommends:

  • You speak up, wake up and shout out if you need help, or see someone who does.
  • And in the meanwhile spread this. Women helpline number is 1091 or 23317002 or 23317004. The number of Delhi Commission for Women isĀ 23379181 and 23370597. And of course, the Delhi Police Helpline number is 100!

So, now that we’ve shown you the statistics and given you the number to the official helplines, will you speak up?

Source | Times of India

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