Restaurant Owners To Be Jailed If They Sell Water Bottle For More Than MRP!

Where | New Delhi

Recently, the Ministry of Consumer Affairs filed an affidavit that reiterated the absurdity of selling water bottles for more than the MRP at restaurants, hotels and multiplexes. In fact, the affidavit also said that going against the ruling would attract a jail term for the entire management of the said venue.

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The ruling came after the¬†Centre said overcharging on mineral water bottles would be ‘tax evasion’ and against consumers’ interest.

According to a leading news channel, the sale of packaged water over MRP by hotels & restaurants may have implications regarding tax evasion! Since a bottle purchased by a hotel at cost price should be sold at MRP or less, studies show that they’re actually sold at much higher prices. Which may lead to possible loss of additional revenue to the government in the form of service tax or excise duty etc.!

So, from now on if at all a restaurant or hotel sells you a bottle of water for more than the MRP, address it!

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