Restaurants Across Delhi-NCR Tie Up With NGOs And Feed Underprivileged!

Restaurants in Delhi-NCR are known for their deliciously infectious menu of food and drinks. But did you know that some restaurants also offers food and entertainment to underprivileged kids and families? Taking ‘CSR’ a step forward, some of the restaurants offer food to the underprivileged, while others host musical performances.

One such restaurant, Warehouse Cafe in Gurgaon hosts a special event every fortnight for underprivileged kids. In their own words – “Every fortnight, from 12 noon onwards, we invite people from different backgrounds to treat them to scrumptious food, and also provide them a dose of entertainment.” The event takes place in association with NGOs like – Samarth, Gaurav and Eklavya!

Similarly, Di Ghent Cafe in Gurgaon also donates 400 plates of food every month. This initiative is run in association with FeedOn. FeedOn is an organisation in Gurgaon run by children. They source food from various cafes and restaurants to feed the poor people in the city.

Cafe Yell from Defence Colony organises ‘bhandara’ every month. Under the initiative, the cafe hosts underprivileged families in their back lane and offer food and drinks.

We at DforDelhi salute these restaurants and other nameless ones that host such initiative for the poor and destitute of our society.

Cover Image Courtesy | FeedOn

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