Have You Seen This 15th Century Sufi Spiritual Retreat For Hijron In Delhi?

Where | Paani Tanki Road, Mehrauli

Hijron Ka Khanqah is a Sufi spiritual retreat in Mehrauli for eunuchs is a 15th-century delight! Back then – contrary to the present day situation – eunuchs were socially accepted. And this place was one of the few mosques in Delhi where eunuchs could pray. According to reports, eunuchs from Turkman Gate maintain the mosque and have been since early 20th century.

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In the midst of a market that is always bustling with shoppers – Hijron Ka Khanqah gives us major historical feels. This quiet and solitary attraction certainly reflects how the eunuchs were socially accepted during the Lodi era. It has a calm ambience and is almost always empty. You can enter the place through an iron grill consisting of six stairs. As you escalate you can see around 50 whitewashed tombs in the courtyard.

The Khanqah also has 49 tombs with one covered by a roof.

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