This Delhiite Rediscovered ‘Silent Protest’ Against A Global Motorbikes Company

Silent Protest

Meet Udham Singh Hooda, the guy with his car for selfies! Udham is one of those countless people who’ve been protesting against Harley Davidson Motorcycles since forever. His silent protest started back in 2015 when he joined a group of Street 750 customers. Evidently, there lies a fault in the brakes’ system of the Street 750 model. Even though the company says that it passes all Indian & International regulations…

30 Second Window:

  • The silent protest is simple. Click a selfie with Udham’s car & call Harley Davidson India to complain about the faulty brake system in the braking systems of its bikes.
  • Udham along with his group has visited countless cities to protest against Harley Davidson. Recently, they visited Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore & Hyderabad. Now, he’s back in Delhi with his silent protest.
  • Join him at any of his protests if you find him standing with his Selfie Car!

Silent Protest

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  • If you’re reading this check out his Facebook page or his group, Highway Rangers’ Facebook page.

We found him in SDA Market. Maybe you’ll find him there tomorrow or some place else. We’ll keep you updated!

Photo Credits: Rohan Sharma

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